Real Estate Investing Without the Headaches

Invest in a tokenized portfolio of rental properties for as little as $50.

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Investing in real estate is now easier than ever.

Our platform lets you be a partial owner of an entire portfolio of rental properties in just a few minutes with as little as $50. MartelInvest will buy rental properties, rent them out, manage them, and sell them when financially beneficial. The target return for the portfolio is 12% or higher.

Our platform solves all the typical problems associated with real estate investing

For a single $50 token you own a portion of a diversified portfolio of cash flowing rental properties. You don’t need $50k to buy your own or be part of a syndication to own cash flowing real estate.

Cash flowing from day 1. Your token represents your share of a portfolio of cash flowing rental properties which means that you start accumulating cash flow the moment you buy the token. Typical syndications require 1 to 4 years to get to positive cash flow which means your money is not returning anything to the investor until the property is sold or refinanced.

Our tokens are liquid. If you decide at any point that you want your money back, you will be able to trade it back to MartelInvest or through a public marketplace.

Our token will appreciate over time.. Our token represents a share of a portfolio of real estate assets. As the value of this portfolio increases, so will the intrinsic value of the token. Of course this is not a guarantee that you can sell the token at that price on the open market. The market value maybe higher or lower than its intrinsic value.

Our target return is 12%. which is a combination of cashflow and asset appreciation through a balanced real estate portfolio.

We are currently SEC approved!

Stage 1

We are currently accepting investments from accredited investors only. SEC filing for retail investors is under review.

Stage 2

Investments accepted from any investors including non-accredited investors. Expected by Q1 2023.

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How it will work

Step 1

Review Private Placement memorandum, and other relevant documents.

Step 2

Sign appropriate documents and verify accreditation.

Step 3

Purchase your tokens. To purchase tokens, click on the Invest button. Once you create your account, choose how many tokens you’d like to purchase. Your tokens will be sent directly to your Metamask wallet.

Step 4

Hold tokens, receive income, view appreciation. Every month you will receive income to your wallet in USDC which is a stable coin pegged to the USD. Your MartelInvest balance will also be updated over time, based on the fair-market-value of the portfolio and the daily rental income.